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About Us

Fruitful Life Christian Church was founded by Rev. Frank Hu and Rev. Nancy Chen when they were sent by Bread of Life Christian Church in Taipei to Vancouver in 2003. Staying true to our Mother Church’s policies on building “apostolic, discipleship, and cell group churches”, we are developing a ministry team through the Five-Fold Ministry, while building the lives of brothers and sisters through discipleship and cell groups (home groups). Reverend Frank and Nancy have received the vision from John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” and strive to build a healthy and fruitful church.

I. Mission Statement:

To build a healthy and fruitful church that relies on the Holy Spirit and respond to the Great Commission.

II. Four Grand Visions: (F.L.C.C.)

1. Fire in Ministries: Fire in love for God, fire in worship, fire in prayer, fire in desire for God’s words

2. Love and Unity: Learn to love and unite with one another through cell groups (home groups), development of gifts, and partnership in ministry

3. Clout in Missions: Cultivate empowered missions through discipleship, signs, and wonders

4. City Transformation: Effectively organized and connected with the city to transform the marketplace

Under these Four Grand Visions, we set forth Eight Core Values as goals and direction for the development of our church as following:

III. Eight Core Values

1. Devoted and passionate spiritual lives

2. Sunday services that touch people’s hearts

3. Loving and united cell groups

4. Teamwork through partnership of different gifts

5. Life-changing discipleship

6. Empowered missions

7. Structured and effective organization

8. Transformational connections with the city

The equipping system also revolves around the Eight Core Values in hope that every brother and sister may rise and be equipped to become a Kingdom Warrior and bride for God, and that we may unite in one heart to build up our church, respond to God’s Great Commission, and win the whole earth for Him.

IV. Equipping System

The equipping stations, as illustrated in the attached figure, prepare everyone so that their gifts can be developed and matured. Being more than mere believers, they may grow into disciples, not only receiving fruitful lives themselves but also empowering others to live fruitful lives. We welcome you to visit our church, and more so to join our cell groups and equipping classes, become a part of our family, sharing our vision, and respond to the Great Commission.

Pastor Profile

Rev. Frank Hu

Rev. Frank Hu was born in Madou Township, Tainan County, Taiwan in 1960 and graduated from National Cheng Kung University with a master’s degree in Electrical Material Science and Ling Leung Pastor & Missionary Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity. He was officially ordained as a minister in 2005 and is now the Executive Pastor of Fruitful Life Christian Church. Ever since he came to Vancouver, Canada for church-planting with his wife and children in 2002, he embraced the vision of “Build and Plant” and has planted 9 churches throughout Canada, Asia, and South America. He now has one son, two daughters and two granddaughters.

Rev. Hu used to serve as the General Manager in an American semiconductor company based in Taiwan and Mainland China. With his wealth of experience in the marketplace, he is committed to “marketplace missions”, “building a united team”, and teachings on “listening to God”. He has also led many “Leadership Trainings”, “Encounter Retreats”, “Devotional Retreats”, and “Couples’ Retreats” for many years.

Pastor Profile

Rev. Nancy Chen

Rev. Nancy Chen was born in Tainan City, Taiwan in 1962 and graduated from National Cheng Kung University majoring in Chinese. She used to work as a Chinese teacher as well as a columnist for the Eslite Magazine and was ordained as a minister in 2008. She is now a pastor, teacher, and author. Aside from collaborating with her husband in pastoring their church in Vancouver, she is responsible for the “Apostolic Prophetic Ministry”, “Prayer Ministry”, and “Healing & Deliverance Ministry”. Upon receiving the vision of “Build and Plant”, she has built united prayer altars throughout Asia, Canada, and South America, and has since been a watchman for the nations.

Team Profile

Pastor Team

Daniel Hu

Fruitful Life Christian Church

Pastor Daniel Hu is a dreamer who builds dreams with God. Since he immigrated with his family of five from Taiwan to Vancouver Canada at the age of 12, he has been by his parents’ sides while they founded Fruitful Life Christian Church. His passion for serving God has been burning ever since. Daniel has had no shortage of practices in ministries as he grew up in a family fervently serving God. From simple tasks of carrying tables and chairs, to cleaning the gathering place, to leading cell groups, a pastoral zone, worship sessions, mission trips, conferences, and message sharing, God’s guidance and beautiful will are evident in his every step. As he turned 29, a strong calling came upon him to serve God in a full-time capacity. With the support of his wife, Virginia, and his entire family, he dedicated himself as a full-time preacher on his 30th birthday. His family includes his wife who dearly loves him and honours him, as well as a little princess who combines the best of them both. Daniel’s vision is firmly set on sharing the message of hope to all nations, bringing God’s presence through empowered worship, and releasing God’s truth through anointed messages.

Fruitful Life Christian Church Team

Virginia Chiu

Fruitful Life Christian Church

Virginia is currently the head of the Worship Dance Ministry. Bringing the presence of God through dance in every worship is her greatest satisfaction. At the same time, she is also burdened to discover one's own worth and enter into destiny through God's healing and revelation.

Fruitful Life Christian Church Team

Lu Bai

Fruitful Life Christian Church

Pastor LuLu answered God's call in 2013 and was sent to the City of Burnaby to head our Burnaby Planting. Ordained as a full-time preacher in September 2018, she is currently the Lead Pastor of Bread of Life Church in Burnaby. She longed to see God transform Burnaby through His supernatural presence.

Yan Li

Fruitful Life Christian Church

Ordained January 23rd, 2022.

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5 W King Edward Ave, Vancouver, BC

Service: Sunday 10:00am

John 10:10
The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it on the full.